CrossFit KoP


CrossFit is NOT a cardio-based “bootcamp” workout. We will NEVER perform countless reps with a brightly colored plastic dumbbell. We will NEVER perform the same boring workout with a horrible techno track blasting in the background. We WILL, however, challenge your body and mind and help you achieve levels of fitness once reserved for professional athletes.

There is no hiding the fact that CrossFit is brutal. You will be asked to push your body to limits you did not think possible. You will push and pull heavy weights, run, row, climb, and jump at a very high level of intensity. Quite frankly, it does not matter what shape you “think” you are in, this program will humble you … very quickly … and without prejudice … period. However, you will love it because you will have never worked this hard and you will have never seen results like this before. The competition and camaraderie that CrossFit fosters can simply not be achieved in your typical gym by running on a treadmill and doing bicep curls.

CrossFit is the “Sport of Fitness” and as such you will be required to focus on the dynamic elements of athleticism, including balance, coordination, speed, power, endurance, and accuracy. This is the strength and conditioning program of choice for Mixed Martial Arts, S.W.A.T., Navy Seals, Police and Fire units, and elite sports worldwide.

I encourage you to watch some of the videos on our site and the main page. The men and women in these videos may intimidate you and you may think that you could never perform at such a level. This was once the belief of many of our members who have since watched themselves transform into someone who is capable of anything. In time, you will no longer be intimidated by the people in the videos, but rather you will strive to actually beat them.

If you have any questions, please contact me. I, or any of the members at the gym, would be glad to talk to you. Do not hesitate to join, the quicker you make this decision, the faster you will surpass all of your fitness goals.