• Miranda


    I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!! I have never, and I mean NEVER in the 9 years that I have been working out have felt so physically, emotionally and mentally strong. It is all because of the CrossFit workouts that I have become addicted to. I can’t believe the difference that it has made in just over a month. I now have a mantra?!?!?!?!?!?! I can’t believe it,... [more]

    • Hannah


    For the past 7 months, my husband and I have been training with Aimee. We have struggled in the past to keep our focus on living a healthy life. When CrossFit was introduced to us, we were skeptical and intimidated, but with your enthusiasm and candor we felt very welcomed and accepted. We were very far from being in shape, but you never made us feel that we w... [more]

    • Jill


    Thanks Aimee. Running 18 miles is a breeze compared to your 30 minute trainer sessions. I enjoy our workouts and I feel myself getting stronger, more toned and its definitely helped my running.

    • Jeff


    I just wanted to compliment Aimee on her instruction of the CrossFit class. Her attention to form and to insuring the safety of the class is greatly appreciated. Having instructed karate and kickboxing classes myself for a number of years, I appreciate her minimizing the risk inherent in the various exercises through emphasizing correct form during each class.

    • Doreen


    When I first started CrossFit with Aimee 6 months ago, my workout routine consisted of pure cardio. I ran every day, but never saw any improvements. Since I started training with Aimee, not only have I seen a significant change in my body, but my running speed and endurance has improved tremendously! I've taken 4 minutes off my 5k time and 10 whole minutes off my... [more]

    • Cindy


    Frankly, I was reluctant to try CrossFit ... Too hardcore, too intense, too much pain! Now I am a convert, thanks to Aimee, Jason and the rest of the KOP Crossfit-ers. Aimee’s ability to motivate and her deep knowledge of CrossFit keep me engaged and eager to do more every time I come to class and the camaraderie and encouragement from everyone who attends is i... [more]

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