• Kelly


    A friend introduced me to CrossFit and to be honest, I was a little reluctant, but at the same time, very excited to try it. Before I started, I observed a class and remember feeling completely intimidated. I did the introductory private sessions with Aimee first. She had me go through the baseline workout and I finished it in about 16 minutes, not sure I even co... [more]

    • Steph


    The best way to describe CrossFit is simply ADDICTING. Playing a division one sport put me at what I thought was the peak of my athletic ability and performance. Then Aimee introduced me to an entirely new world what i like to call the "Right way to work out". It only took me one class and I was instantly hooked. Not only are the work outs designed to push you p... [more]

    • Jim


    I first heard of Crossfit when my wife joined. She is and always has been focused on fitness and nutrition but this was a very different experience for her and she encouraged me to join. Six months later, I finally joined and Crossfit is simply the hardest physical and mental work I have ever done. For years I took an all or nothing approach to fitness and n... [more]

    • JZ


    I have spent the past seven years of my life skipping from gym to gym and trainer to trainer with no real results to show for all the time and money spent. About a year ago I found Aimee and Crossfit KOP; and I am so thankful that I have. Ever since that day, I have been addicted to Crossfit and the way it makes me feel, not just physically, but mentally. All o... [more]

    • Laura


    Aimee's Crossfit class is motivating and fun, she is great at encouraging you to push yourself harder and past limits you thought you had. After doing Crossfit for a few months, I've found that my entire body is stronger and more toned. I haven't seen results like this from anything else - running, spinning, yoga, body pump...the list could go on. The workouts... [more]

    • Paul


    I did the typical gym routine for the last 3 years. The machines, the running, the free weights. I felt that I was in perfect shape, that was until I discovered Aimee Lyons and CrossFit. The movements, technique, and form of CrossFit completely showed me how much out of shape I actually was. The classes are never the same like my old workouts and no matter how... [more]

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