• Steve Z

    Steve Z

    I never really got a chance to fully express my appreciation to the world for you helping me this year. When I came to meet you last June with my USMC son, Kit, it was over 2 years since I even took a walk for exercise. Kit knew that I was both unmotivated and out of shape after two surgeries, an 8 month viral illness and the diagnosis of diabetes 2. You listened... [more]

    • Kit


    Its about time I did this for you. I can't say how much training with you has benefited everything I have done in the last 10 months. Having done CrossFit on my own for about a year before I came to your gym, I really didn't realize how awesome it would be to workout with all the athletes from KoP. I know you can't pick and choose who walks in the front door, but... [more]

    • Steph


    I was the kid that got picked last in gym class and I was never on a sports team. I was the “fat kid” for as long as I can remember. By 23 years old I had reached a weight of 420lbs. I had a gastric bypass surgery and lost 160lbs. The surgery helped me to lose the weight, but I still had emotionally issues I needed to resolve that led to me gaining back 60lbs. I ... [more]

    • Cindy


    I am a 49-year-old female who has struggled throughout my life with my weight and self-esteem. I was never a very active child, teenager or adult, preferring cerebral activities over physical ones. I joke that I know a lot about health because I managed to take more quarters of health class in high school than anyone else in an effort to avoid gym! As I got o... [more]

    • Steph


    So far Crossfit KoP is the best experience I have ever had with my body. And I TRULY look forward to my ON days. In the past I have "felt good" after a workout, but never have i waited anxiously for the next day to do it! And its not only because of the prescribed type of fitness practices or the intoxicating feeling of accomplishment afterwards. It's also the cu... [more]

    • Chris


    Community. Empowerment. Respect. Fun. When I joined Crossfit KoP, I found all of these things and more. Everyone knows that working out is good for you, but to be able to do it with such a positive and fun group of people separates Crossfit KoP from traditional gyms. From the moment I stepped into the box, Aimee was intent on getting to know me and for me to kn... [more]

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