• Sarah J

    Sarah J

    When I was 8 years old I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. As a 33 year old woman, anxiety still plays a role in my life, and I do suffer from the more than occasional panic attack. The simplest way to describe a panic attack for anyone who doesn't know is just an overwhelming feeling of dread, feeling like you can't breathe, feeling like you are have no co... [more]

    • Kim G

    Kim G

    I've been meaning to write you about the progress of my knee and how I wanted to thank you for playing a role in my healing. Prior to CrossFit I was pretty down. I didn't have much outside work, little confidence, and I had gained a ton of weight. I worked out at the gym but I never got my eating in line, so efforts were lost. I found out about CrossFit throu... [more]

    • Ken


    March 20, 2012 – the first day of Spring and my 2 year Crossfit anniversary. When I walked into the box tonight, it was appropriate that the first person I saw was Donkey – after all, she was the one who introduced me to Crossfit. I’ve known her for years, and over dinner one night she told me about this new thing she was doing called Crossfit. I could see the ph... [more]

    • Breanna


    Crossfit has changed me in so many ways both physically and mentally. After I was laid off from my job, I struggled to stay positive. I no longer could afford CrossFit and working out at a “globo gym” just wasn’t the same. I was lucky enough to have been given a membership as a Christmas gift. CrossFit soon began to change my mental views. I began to see eve... [more]

    • Kevin


    Back in April of 2011 there was this voice in my office talking about working out. This voice was saying things like “at my box”, “wods”, “double unders”, “muscle ups”, “400’s”, “clean and jerk” and finally “rowing”. I said to myself “what the hell is she talking about”…..”but if she said rowing maybe I should listen a little more”. So I did and then made the ... [more]

    • Dorothy


    Prior to coming to Crossfit KOP, I was struggling to find a workout program that fit. I tried following a bodybuilding diet and body building training routines with ok results, but soon became burnt out and bored. I then switched to running and aerobics classes, and absolutely hated every second. But I pushed myself and thought that if I tried harder, and moti... [more]

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