• Melissa


    Before I joined Crossfit KOP, I was a skinny-fat 16 year old girl at 5'2" and 100 lbs. I had no muscle tone and the only (albeit mild) exercise I got was from horseback riding. I've never been much of an athlete due to my lack of competitive spirit and coordination, but after I started running regularly, I began to realize the mental benefits of physical activity... [more]

    • Gene


    I’ve always been active and participated in a variety of sports since I was a child. Throughout high school and college is when I lifted weights on a daily basis. Staying active and eating well had always been a priority, but since finding CrossFit I have taken my mind and body to new limits. This coming July will be a year since I’ve joined CrossFit KOP and t... [more]

    • Kate C

    Kate C

    I played four years of ice hockey at Penn State. After graduation I was depressed, I thought it was going to be all downhill from there in every aspect of my athletic career. Never could I have imagined that I'd be faster and stronger now than I was during my playing days! I started officiating as a way to stay involved in the game. As on ice officials, we ne... [more]

    • Smizzy


    I initially joined Crossfit KOP with the hopes of breaking through a plateau with my rock climbing. Though my climbing technique is good, I felt stuck at the same level due to strength issues. So at the advice of a work colleague, the amazing Coach Plentus, I decided to give Crossfit a try in December of 2012. It did not take long to see changes in my climbing ... [more]

    • Roni


    I got married after college and had my 2 children. As a family we spent a great deal of time outdoors hiking, camping, skiing, swimming and well just ….being active. I have been extremely fortunate in that I have never been sick, injured or unable to do the things I enjoy doing. I am very grateful for that!! I started reffing women’s lacrosse the summer Cristofe... [more]

    • John K

    John K

    I just wanted to check in and let you know that I officially hit 1 year at crossfit KOP on Oct. 8th. As the story goes, I sat next to some cross-fit dude on a plane from Nashville, and the guy informed me he won some competition and was signing a contract with Reebok. Based on his physique and the conversation we had, I googled cross-fit and ended up seeing cro... [more]

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