Head CrossFit Coach / Owner

    • Aimee


    After graduating from Philadelphia University, Aimee followed her career goals and applied her Fashion Merchandising degree in the retail world. She pursued her dream of becoming a buyer in the industry at a variety of companies such as Lacoste, Polo Ralph Lauren and Linens ‘N Things. Throughout her eight years in retail, Aimee was the first to adopt the latest... [more]

    • Jason


    Having played sports throughout his childhood, Jason was accustomed to having fun while getting a workout. After college, the opportunities to play sports seemed to present themselves less and less and instead of increasing his heart rate, Jason seemed only to increase his pant size. Every year Jason would attempt to work out more but the fun was just not there... [more]

CrossFit Coaches

    • Tim


    Tim grew up in Delaware County, PA. After some career searching, Tim decided to pursue a Health & Phys Ed teaching degree from Eastern University in 2011 to complement his bachelors degree from Villanova University and help share with students how to integrate fitness into their lives. Running has been an integral part of Tim's life since 6th grade, Tim went on t... [more]

    • Keith


    Keith grew up in Scranton where he participated in many sports growing up. He played football and baseball from Little League throughout high school. It was easy to stay in shape because of the fact that he was involved in team sports. There was always a regimen to follow that was set up by his coaches. Along with being a football player came an extensive weig... [more]

    • Rachel


    Rachel participated in athletic activities but was a hobbyist more than a dedicated athlete throughout her life; she tried dance, lacrosse, field hockey, and rugby throughout school. After graduating from Penn State, she became a Media Planner/Buyer by day and a restless couch potato by night. So, she joined a gym and fell into a routine – arms, legs, cardio, rin... [more]

    • Jenna


    I graduated from Penn State with a degree in Kinesiology. Before fitness, I worked at a daycare and had a love for teaching and caring for children. It wasn't until my senior year of High School I fell in love with fitness. I always played sports when I was younger and continued to played Soccer in High School. I continued to play IM sports in college as well as ... [more]

    • Jill


    I grew up in Blue Bell, PA and was always involved in sports from a young age, playing soccer, field hockey, volley ball, dance, and horse back riding. I attended college at the University of Montana- Western in Dillon, MT, and decided to spend 6 years out there, acquiring skills such as hunting and fly fishing. I received my bachelor’s in psychology and college ... [more]

    • Manisha


    Growing up, Manisha played soccer, field hockey, and squash and swam on her high school team. After high school, and moving to Minnesota, she joined local leagues for soccer and volleyball and continued to play squash. The single most important thing Manisha loves about CrossFit is its ability to make a positive impact in people’s lives. ... [more]

    • Danielle


    Growing up I was overweight, and never really played any sports. It wasn't until after having my daughter in 2006 that I had any serious interest in working out. I started out at a gym with little to no routine, until I began running. However, my running routine became boring quickly, and I needed something more challenging. My best friend ... [more]

    • Justin


    After a successful 4 year career as a goalie in college lacrosse, Justin quickly learned that his old eating and fitness habits wouldn't cut it. He put on about 30 lbs and while tricking himself into believing that the globo-gym and desk job combo was working, he finally got up the nerve to try Crossfit and a new passion was found. Three year... [more]

    • Jeff


    Growing up in Abington PA, I attended LaSalle College High School and Marist College. I participated in competitive athletics from an early age. These included local little league Baseball, middle and high school Football, high school and college rowing, and my primary sport of Swimming. I competed at the national level for both Swimming and Ro... [more]

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