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CrossFit King of Prussia is NOT your average health club or globo-gym. We do not pride ourselves on taking your money and hoping you never show up. As an officially licensed CrossFit affiliate...more

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    I’ve always been active and participated in a variety of sports since I was a child. Throughout high... [more]
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    I’ve always been active and participated in a variety of sports since I was a child. Throughout high school and college is when I lifted weights on a daily basis. Staying active and eating well had always been a priority, but since finding CrossFit I have taken my mind and body to new limits. This coming July will be a year since I’ve joined CrossFit KOP and the only regret I have is not finding the sport of fitness sooner. After over 10 years of power lifting and strength training at “globo gym”, I got bored of my routine and took about half a year off from weightlifting. The itch to work out came back and at the time a few of my friends started CrossFit at their respective boxes and they were raving about it. Once I heard about the workouts, I knew that it was for me and it was the next step in my fitness journey. Before joining CrossFit KOP, I tried a few WODs at one of my friend’s boxes and the experience only confirmed my beliefs. Eager to start as soon as possible, I reached out to Aimee Lyons and scheduled my introductory and fundamentals classes. My first fundamentals class was a humbling experience and I realized I needed to start from scratch, to re acquire the new skills and movements, as well as work on old ones. I was a little timid during my first couple of classes because I was unsure of myself, but that all changed. The coaching staff and members always make an effort to acknowledge and greet newcomers. The community at CrossFit KOP is truly one of a kind. I feel as if I’m part of something bigger, a second family, a group of people with whom I really enjoy spending time with in and out of the box. Aside from the community, what separates CrossFit KOP from other boxes is the coaching. Their knowledge of the movements, coaching cues, and dedication to their specializations are the reasons behind my success within the sport. There has not been one class where I did not acquire new knowledge and skill. I’ve surpassed old plateaus, am continuing to set new personal records all while having fun. I consider myself lucky to have found this great community that Aimee and Jason have built and will continue becoming a better athlete as long as my body lets me. [less]
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